Have You Seen The Vapor Cup?

The Happy Chef
Have You Seen The Vapor Cup?

As a Canna Chef, one of my favorite parts in what I do is being able to not only make medicine taste good, but to also make medicating as discreet as possible.  I was born and raised in Virginia, a state where Cannabis is still very illegal.  In saying that I always had to be careful with where and how I consumed my cannabis.  After all I was fracturing a law or two. ;-) 

Other than medibles, the oh so popular vaporizers are making it easier for those to consume without drawing attention.  Now, there are some vapors that do draw a lot of eyes by either the huge cloud one exhales from it or there may be a tiny hint of that distinct wonderful odor of Marijuana. There are vaporizers for BHO, CO2, Flower Vapors, and even certain ones may do a combo.  It is all a personal preference and of course it varies in each individual.  

I am more of a flower girl and it was difficult to find a flower vapor that wasn't so obvious until I discovered this little gem, the Vapor Cup.  Oh my do I love it!  The stainless steel coffee cup design blends with life to ensure your privacy. It is amazingly easy to clean, has a digital display that gives you exact temperature control that is adjustable by a single degree, and will reach a temp of 360 degrees in about a minute.  
It has indeed became my favorite little travel buddy! 

I was so happy with mine I included a review on it in an interview I did for
issue out November 2015.

(behind the scenes interview with Tokewell Magazine)

So, if you are in the market for a "discreet" flower vaporizer 
be sure to check out the Vapor Cup.